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The HI Membership Card

Order your HI Card:

The benefits of being a HI member (the HI Card owners)

Being a HI member offers you many benefits and discounts. The members are the only tourists that can accomodate in some hostels in Western Europe, having a discount of at least 10% at any HI hostel all around the world. Also, as a member you have access at the global HI hostels network, which offers the same accomodation standards in each country. HI hostels opperate in more than 90 countries and is constantly preoccupied of increasing the confort for their guests. As a HI member, you become part of a global community of tourists who think like you do and you get the opportunity of meeting people from different cultures. Other discounts can also be applied for different activities around the hostel area (museum discounts, transport etc).

How to become a HI member?

The easiest way is buying a membership card from the National Hostels Association before getting ahead in your trip (in our particular case, Youth Hostel Association Romania). The membership card is valid everywhere in the world in all HI hostels. If you are already travelling abroad your country or if in your country there isn't a National Hostel Association, you can buy your HI membership card from most hostels in the network. The prices can be different from hostel to hostel, so it would be better if you'd contact the hostel firstly and get information.

Do you have to be a HI member in order to get accomodation in a hostel?

In some countries the card is mandatory for the accomodation but in most of the hostels the card brings you automatically at least a discount.


The prices and membership card types, including adults, children, women or the membership status can vary from country to country.

The Association of Youth Hostel Romania markets the next card types:

  • individual card - valid for one year - 9,99 euro
  • individual card - valid for 2 years - 17,99 euro
  • individual card - valid for life - 49,99 euro
  • family card - valid for one year - 17,99 euro
  • family card - valid for 2 years - 31,99 euro
  • family card - valid for life - 89,99 euro
  • group card - valid for one year - 24,99 euro
  • group card - valid for 2 years - 49,99 euro

If the membership card is not directly taken, at the price the shipping taxes can be added.

What's a National Association?

Hostelling International is the name representing the National Hostelling Associations all over the world. The National Associations are responsable of representing the hostels in their country. Many National Associations are called YHA. Detailes about all associations can be found on or on the national page of each country.

Why buying a HI Card?

  • to have access at the hostels where the card is mandatory
  • to benefit of the discounts offered by the hostel where you want to spend the night at
  • to benefit of other discounts and facilities in the area where the hostel is located
  • to be affiliated to a network which has experience in tourism and guarantees some minimal accomodation and facilities criteria
  • to be compatible with the booking system;