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Discover the beauty of mystery of Rosia Montana

Discover the beauty of mystery of Rosia Montana, an ancient village in the middle of Apuseni Mountains!
Rosia Montanã is the oldest attested mining settlement in Romania (about 1870 years old). The gold from Rosia Montana is present even in the famous Egyptian pyramids.

Your trip to Rosia Montana is more a an average tourist does! By visiting and promoting Rosia Montana as a turistical area you can be a part of people's fight and can hep them demonstrate there is hope for a better future and development in the area. Visit Rosia Montana. It is about life and continuity!
Rosia Montanã is the oldest attested mining settlement in Romania (about 1870 years old). There are hundreds of traditional houses in Rosia Montanã realised with great efforts from the community, an old town centre famous for its architecture, different administrative, economical, socio-cultural buildings, a unique mining museum, memorial houses, an archaeological reservation and many other geological treasures, all of them representing strong roots of our history and civilisation. The importance of Alburnus Maior (the Roman name of Rosia Montanã) was significant in the Dacian-Roman times, track of those being preserved until today: the famous Roman and Dacian galleries, unique pieces in Europe regarding level of conservation, the size and the skilled techniques of construction. Cârnic Masive from Rosia Montana was named by several archaeologists "The Olimp Mountain" of the archaeological vestiges, with its hundreds kilometres of Roman, Dacian, medieval times galleries together with the Therien and modern ones. And there are still many more vestiges to be discovered. All of these represent exceptional proofs of mining history.

In 1997 Gabriel Resources Ltd., a Canadian mining company announced its intention of building a gold exploitation using the cyanided technologies in open cast pits. Even thou the company don't posses yet the exploitation authorisation necessary, Rosia Montana is associated with the idea of mono-industrial area and not with other aspects related with the mining tradition or cultural heritage. Greenpeace and other environmental organization are fighting right now with this project in order to keep Rosia Montana as it is!
Rosia Montana is in fact a rich area full of archaeological vestiges, customs and traditions which have build a strong local identify. The mining has created a system of objects, customs and traditions which can be of large interest for many tourists.

Trip details :
- 280 km totally ( way / return)
- 18 Euro/person for 5 and more than 5 persons. (at least 5 people - required)
- entrances and meals on the way - not included.
For more infos regarding Rosia Montana and the enviromental fight check :


Inapoi la arhiva.