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Romanian Youth Hostel Association

Youth Hostel Romania

YHR is a non-profit and non-gouvernamental organisation established in 1999 by some youth hostels managers that existed in Romania at that time.

The YHR activity is under The International Hostelling Federation, the only global network of hostels, adding 4000 location in 90 countries on the globe.

With more than 100 years behind, Hostelling International managed to promote the tourism all togheter with education, comunication, human interrealation and living in open spaces. HI has over 3.7 milion members which makes this organisation one of the biggest international organisations based on paying members.

For those interested in exploring the HI travelling the organisation has developed a worldwide booking system with over 4000 locations.

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Our mission:

  • promoting and developing youth tourism through Hostelling International organisation and enhancing the touristic value of Romania;
  • to set up and promote a hostel network based on the HI principles;
  • to raise awarness of the youth hostel concept.


  • year 2000 obtaining the „youth hostel” classification within The Transportation and Tourism Ministry si a Oficiului de Control;
  • year 2002 we became an oficial member of the HI;
  • we issue member cards recognized in over 4000 hostels world wide and we offer information about hostel from around the country and the world;
  • online bookings for hostels all around the world through the system;
  • consultancy about the standards in the HI Federation and the conditions established by the Ministry of Transportation and Tourism and Oficiul de Autorizare si control regarding the youth hostel classification;
  • promoting the hostel in YHR through our website, leaflets and conference participation;
  • attending national and international fairs and conferences